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Films Awarded 2003

Network Discoveries: Films Awarded by IFFS Juries in 2003

Babusja (Babusya), Russia, 2003 by Lidia Bobrova
Caja Negra (Black Box) by Luis Ortega, Argentine
Edi (Eddie) by Piotr Trzaskalski, Poland
Farishtay Kifti Rost (Angel On The Right) by Jamshed Usmonov, Tajikistan
Lesson One: A Wail (Padam Onnu: Oru Vilaam) by T. V. Chandran, India
Please, wait directed by Elizaveta Skvortsova, Russia
VOZVRA…CENJE/ The Return (Russia, 2003) directed by Aleksander Zvyagintsev


FICC Jury at the Tromsř Internasjonale Filmfestival / Tromsř International Film Festival 2003 (Norway)

The FICC Jury awarded the Don Quijote Prize to:
Farishtay Kifti Rost (Angel On The Right) Director: Jamshed Usmonov Country of origin: Tajikistan Length: 1h 29m

Short synopsis: After ten years in Moscow, the debt-laden criminal Hamro returns to his home of Tajikistan to visit his dying mother. Hamro is supposed to sell the house as soon as he has repaired it. However, it turns out that there is a conspiracy behind it all. The mother is far from dying, and the mayor of the village has bought all of Hamro's debts and is ready to take over the house. To add to his misery he also gets the responsibility of a small boy that people claim to be his son. In addition a pretty nurse falls for him.
This is a sly and humorous morality story. Hamro learns a lesson in several ways, and a hint of improvement in his character is noticeable. His son has been given his grandmother's gold rings in order to give them to Hamro when - and if - he becomes a "good man"...

Motivation of the jury: The jury felt that Angel On The Right was an uncompromising, well-acted film with a strong visual sense. It offered a realistic portrayal of the interplay of human relations, accepted moral values and economic necessity.

A Special Mention was given to
Gomgashtei Dar Aragh (Marooned in Iraq) Director: Bahman Ghobadi Country of origin: Iran Length: 1h 37m
A Special Mention was given to : Xiao Cheng Zhi Chun (Springtime in a Small Town) Director: Tian Zhuangzhuang Country of origin: China Length: 1h 56m

Members of the FICC-Jury: Pal Hemminghyth, Alta, Norway, Abdus Selim, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Richard McMahon, Galway, Ireland.

More information on the festival's homepage: www.tiff.no


FICC Jury at the Internationales Forum des jungen Films (Forum of New Cinema) Berlin Film Festival 2003

The FICC Jury awarded the Don Quijote
Prize to:Edi (Eddie) by Piotr Trzaskalski, Poland 2002

Motivation of the jury: "The Don Quijote award 2003 goes to "Edi" by Piotr Trzaskalski for its
depiction of the resiliency of the human spirit."

Synopsis: Edi and Jureczek work as scrap-metal pickers. In a bar they meet two brothers - the booz distributors, who are known for being ruthless and cruel in business. The brothers offer Edi an incredible job - they want him to be a private tutor of their 17-year-old sister princess, who - since the death of their parents - has been brought up by brothers, trying to protect her against men's eyes by locking her up in the house. They decided on Edi as they know of his passion for books he finds in the dump. Besides, his ugliness will prevent the girl from 'taking to' him. One day Edi, who feels sorry for the lonely girl, leaves her the key to her room. Three months later the brothers learn that their Princess is expecting a baby. They suspect a young gipsy, a booze supplier, to be the father, for he has been trying to pick her up for some time. Both desperate and furios, they thirst for pityless revenge. The girl, who wants to save her beloved, accuses Edi of raping her ...

The members of the FICC Jury: Amable VI "Tikoy" Aguiluz (Philippines), Gunvor Alexandersson (Sweden), Jochen Lutz (Germany)

More information on the awarded films on the festival's homepage: www.fdk-berlin.de


FICC Jury at the Festival international de films de Fribourg (Fribourg International Film Festival), 16 - 23 March 2003
The FICC Jury awarded the Don Quijote Prize to:
Caja Negra (Black Box) by Luis Ortega, Argentine
Motivation of the jury: "For the restraint and the strength of the direction, for the outstanding work with the actors as well as for the humanity and tenderness portrayed."
Synopsis: Dorotea, a beautiful, 17-year-old woman, lives with Eugenia, her grandmother who is 100 and has her moments of madness. Every morning Dorotea washes her and combs her hair before going to work in a laundry. As for Eduardo, he is a weak man who has just left prison and now lives at the Salvation Army. Above all he is Dorotea’s father. Three generations, three lives at a crossroads with a desperate desire to be together.

A Special Mention was given to: Gei Wo Zhi Mao (Drop Me a Cat) by Wu Mi-sen, Taiwan
Motivation of the jury: "For the freshness and the fascination for the aesthetics of cinematic language and also for the creation of a contemporary mythology."
Synopsis: In 1999, the year before the millennium, Hei-shu, who has been unemployed for a long time, manages to get a job in a local brass band playing for funerals and weddings. One day, Hei-shu’s cat disappears. Roughly at the same time, a new neighbour moves in. Hei-shu keeps putting food out for the cat because he is convinced that it will come back one day. Later he suspects that the cat turned into a young woman, Yokulut.

The members of the FICC Jury: Mr Peter Cargin (Président, UK) Mr Gregory Catella (Switzerland) Mr Stanislas Jozan (France) Mrs Gudula Meinzolt (Germany) Mr David Moen (Norway)
More information on the awarded films on the festival's homepage:


THE DON QUIJOTE PRIZE (FICC) at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 4 - 12 July 2003 - (Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic)
awarded to
Babusja (Babusya), Russia, 2003 by Lidia Bobrova
The FICC Jury decided to give the Don Quijote Award to a film that, by implying very simple and convincing artistic means, ends up creating
pure cinema. The film delivers a strong message of civilization by the description of the troubles of a small community as the main characters
travel through the new Russia. The Jury would also like to mention its appreciation of the outstanding acting performances which make the
humanic vision of the director come true.

FICC Jury, Petr Kulhánek- chairman, Czech Republic, Kari Skjerve Bjerkan, Norway, Natália Soler Gonzáles, Spain, Massimo De Grandi, Italy, Bernt Lindner, Germany. Festival web-page:

FICC jury at the International Film Festival Bangladesh 2003
The jury awarded the DQ prize to:
Lesson One: A Wail (Padam Onnu: Oru Vilaam) by T. V. Chandran, India. The jury awarded a Second prize to Numafung (A beautiful Flower) by Nabin Subba, Nepal and a special mention to Lalsalu (A tree without Roots) by Tanvir Mokammel, Bangladesh and a second spcial mention to Little Angel by Somaratne Dissanayake, Sri Lanka.

Jury Members: Paolo minuto (Italy), Ranjanee Ratnavibhusana (Sri Lanka), Justino Dormiendo (Philippines), Bente Maalen (Norway) and Shafiq Rehman (Bangladesh)


FICC jury at the Molodist Kiev Film festival 2003
The jury awarded the DQ prize to:
Please, wait (Russia) directed by Elizaveta Skvortsova.
were given to films Viktor and his Brothers (Sweden) directed by Marten Klinberg and Struggle (Austria) directed by Ruth Mader

The FICC jury: Isabel Garcia Casabo - chairman, Spain, Kaveh Henrik Tehrani, Norway, Reto Beuhler, Switzerland, Tomas Hala, Czech Republic, Valerij Zaets,

FICC jury at the Tallin (Estonia) Filmfestival Nov. 28-Dec. 6 2003
The jury awarded the DQ prize to:
VOZVRA…CENJE/The Return (Russia, 2003) directed by Aleksander Zvyagintsev
Motivation of the Jury: "A well acted and brilliantly portrayed film about the conflict of generations. It's an exciting film leaving very much to the audience by its humanity and strong visual sense". Read more about the film on:
A Special mention was awarded to He ni zai yi qi / Together (China) directed by Chen Kaige.

The jury: Tiit Merisalu, Estonia, Pĺl Hemminghyth, Norway, Jacob Hansson, Sweden