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Reggio 2003

Fédération International de Ciné Clubs/International Federation of Film Societies

Minutes of the ??th General Assembly, Reggio Calabria 6 June 2003

(to be approved by the committee)



Voting members : Sri Lankan Federation of Film Societies; Federació Catalana de Cine Clubs (Spain); Norsk Filmklubb Forbund (Norway); Swedish Federation of Film Societies; Bundesverband Jugend ünd Film (Germany); Estonian Federation of Film Clubs; FICC (Italy); Access Cinema (Ireland); Australian Council of Film Societies; Bangaldesh Federation of Film Societies; Uniome Italiana Circoli del Cinema (Italy); BKF (?) (Germany); British Federation of Film Societies; Cinélibre (Switzerland); Association of Czech Film Clubs; (15)

Question. Was Nada Savkovič who gives an address Klub Prijatelja Filma, Novi Sad, SGD representing the Slovenian Federation? It has paid membership for 2001 & 2002.

Klub Prijatelja Filma (Slovenia?) (1)

Question. Were the following Federations allowed to vote because they don’t satisfy the criterion that was adopted. See Minute GA03.Q.7.?

Paid – 2001 only

Fédération Ciné Clubs de la Mediteranée (France); Union Nationale Inter Ciné-Club (France); Federaçaō Portuguese de Cineclubs. (3)

Paid 2002 only

Independent Cinema Association of the Philippines. (1)

By Proxy

Slovak Federation.

  1. It was AGREED (F-17:Ag-2:Ab-1) to accept the proxy of the Slovak Federation, held by the Czech Federation. (1)

    Question. If all the above were voting members that would be 21 in all – but do I have the correct voting members.

    Others: Federación Argentine de Cine Clubs; Inter-Cultural Film Society, Khatmandu, Nepal; Federation of Film Societies of India; Malaysian Film Club; VI Cinema Meeting (?) (Portugal); Ukranian Federation of Cinema Clubs; Cine Club Bravo (Mexico); Festival International de Cinéma Méditerranéen de Tétouan (Morocco); Ciné Club de Beirut (Lebanon); Croatian Film Clubs Association; Kamran Shirdel, Film Director (Iran).


  2. It was AGREED that vice-President Peter Cargin would act as Chairman of the GA.

    Chairman’s Announcement.

  3. The Chairman advised the GA of the deaths of Pal Schiffer (Hungary), Max Signorelle (France) & Ronald Shields (UK). He advised the GA that these three men, all of whom had died since the last GA, had done a great deal of work for and had made a significant contribution to the work of film societies not only in their own countries/federations but also internationally in the FICC/IFFS.

    The GA stood for one minute in silent tribute


  4. The Chairman CONFIRMED that, according to the Constitution, the quorum was ?? (i.e. ??% of the paid-up members).

    Voting members.

  5. For the first time this year the Executive Committee, as allowed under the Constitution, had determined that membership fees had to be paid by the 31st May 2003.As a result it considered that, although in its view the relevant statute was clear, there was likely to be some confusion about its interpretation in regards to those members entitled to vote at this GA.
  6. Therefore, the Executive Committee proposed the following informative resolution and proposed the adoption of a byelaw to the constitution by way of clarification. The Chairman determined that the proposed byelaw would be considered under Agenda item 13 – see Minute GA03.16.2 below.
  7. "As allowed under the rules of FICC/IFFS membership fees had been requested to be paid by the 31st May 2003. It was the view of the Executive Committee (on the casting vote of the Chairman) that for voting purposes at the GA, only those member Federations who had paid all membership fees up to and including 2003 were entitled to vote.

    However, whilst it considered this constitutionally correct it also considered it potentially unfair, as the adoption of a final date for payment had not been the previous practise. Therefore it is proposed that

    All Federations who had paid all the fees required under Article 10 of the Constitution for the years 2001 & 2002 would be entitled to vote.

  8. The resolution was APPROVED (F-12:Ag-3:Ab-6).
  9. The meeting was therefore quorate.
  1. Minutes of GA ??. 2001
    1. These had been distributed in July 2001. No copies were available.
    2. Notwithstanding the absence of copies, the Minutes were APPROVED (unanimous).


  2. vice-President’s Reports
    1. Reports from the vice-Presidents had been circulated. See Appendix ?? to these Minutes.
    2. BFFS asked whether questions could be raised on the Distribution Project and was advised that it would be covered later in the Resolutions to the GA – see Minute GA03.18.7 et seq. below.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    1. The Treasurer’s Report was circulated.

    APPROVED (unanimous).

  4. Auditors Report
    1. A verbal report was presented.

    APPROVED (unanimous).

  5. Final Audited Accounts
    1. The Final Accounts were tabled and briefly discussed.

    APPROVED (unanimous).

  6. Group Reports
    1. There was only one report received in advance of the GA and that was from the Asian Group – but was available in English only. See Appendix ?? to these Minutes.
    2. The Latin Group report was tabled – but was available in French only. See Appendix ?? to these Minutes.
    3. There was a brief verbal report from the Mediterranean Group, which was described by it as "not a report as such" but more "reflections that should be taken into account".
    4. A verbal report was also made on behalf of the Australian Federation.
  7. Special Duties

    Children’s Film

    1. Only one report had been received and that was from Bernt Lindner See Appendix ?? to these Minutes.


    2. Astrid Friberg reported on the operation (and great success) of the FICC/IFFS juries since the last GA. The Chairman had performed an analysis of the geographical spread of members and commended the fact that there was a "very fair distribution" between member federations.
    3. The Australian Federation wished the Executive to note that if it wished Australia to participate fully in the juries then it must adopt a longer period of consultation – four weeks was not enough.

    This comment was NOTED.

    Approval of Reports

  8. All the Reports were APPROVED (unanimous).
  9. New Members
    1. APPROVED (unanimous) – Russian Cine Clubs; Croatian Film Clubs Association.
  10. Membership Subscription
    1. APPROVED (unanimous) that the fees should be:

    Full: 400 CHF

    Assoc: 250 CHF

  11. Election of the President
    1. That the President would be elected for a two-year term (i.e. GA to GA).

      APPROVED (unanimous).

    2. The Executive Committee formally proposed Gianni Amelio.

      APPROVED (F-18:Ag-0:Ab-3).

    3. The GA recorded its thanks to Theo Angelopolous for his support for FICC/IFFS over his term of office.
  12. Election of vice-Presidents

    Number of vice-Presidents

    1. There was some discussion on the question of the allowable number of vice-Presidents. The generally accepted view was that the Constitution did not provide for any limit. The GA was of the view that this needed clarification and made the following resolution.
      1. "The General Assembly of the FICC/IFFS adopts the following bye-law that the number of vice-President’s provided for in the Constitution should be limited to no more than three".
      2. This was APPROVED (F-20:Ag-1) and ADOPTED as a ‘bye-law’ (i.e. a binding interpretation of the Constitution).

      (DP - Note not for inclusion in the final Minutes - It would be better however, that the Constitution should be amended at the next GA).

      Election of vice-Presidents

    2. The Chairman then invited nominations for the positions of vice-President.
    3. The Chairman, Peter Cargin, one of the current vice-Presidents, was nominated but stated that he did not wish his name to go forward.
    4. Four nominations were received from persons who confirmed that they were willing to stand; Massimo di Grandi, Paolo Minuto, David Phillips & Robert Richter.
    5. Following a ballot di Grandi, Minuto and Phillips were DULY ELECTED.

      Vote of Thanks

    6. The GA recorded its thanks to the outgoing vice-Presidents, Peter Cargin and Robert Richter for all their hard work on behalf of the FICC/IFFS.
    7. Peter Cargin congratulated the new vice-Presidents. He said that he had been involved with FICC/IFFS for many years but this was likely to be his last GA. He had made many friends and thanked members for their personal support and co-operation during his term of office.
  13. Election of Treasurer
    1. Jon Iverson had indicated that he did not wish to continue as Treasurer. Nominations were invited for Treasurer.
    2. Two nominations were received Laurent Sester and Raivo Ulme. After a ballot, Ulme was DULY ELECTED.

      Vote of Thanks

    3. The GA recorded its thanks for all Jon Iverson’s hard work.
  14. Election of Auditor
    1. Anna-Stina Nyström was re-ELECTED (unanimous).
  15. Executive Committee
    1. Regional Group Representatives (advised)

      Latin Janine Bertrand

      Mediterranean Marti Porter

      Central European

      & Eastern Christian Heinzel

      Asian Golam Biblop

      English Lang. Maretta Dillon

      Latin America Juan Carlos Arch

    2. Special Duties

    Children’s Film Bernt Lindner

    Juries Astrid Friberg

    AGREED (unanimous).

    Resolutions (see Appendix ??)

  16. Special Resolution.

    (listed as Resolution 1 on the Agenda papers – ‘Resolutions from the Open Forum’) See Minute GA03.Q.7 et seq above

    1. To provide clarification on the interpretation of Article 10 of the Constitution by enacting the following bye-law, namely;
    2. "The deadline for payment of any membership fees due under the terms of the Constitution shall be 31st May in each year.

    If full payment of all membership fees due by that date (which may include fees for previous years) is NOT received by the 31st May, NO VOTE will be allowed to that Federation in all subsequent meetings of FICC/IFFS unless otherwise agreed in advance by the Executive Committee".

    CARRIED (F-12:Ag-3:Ab-6)

  17. Resolutions submitted by Regional Groups
    1. From the Asian Group. (The resolutions were moved en bloc but voted individually – therefore for the purpose of these Minutes the outcome is shown after each resolution. The actual votes were not recorded.)

      The Asian Group;

      1. will try its best to build up a strong network amongst Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan, North & South Korea, Iran, Bhutan, Pakistan & Singapore.

        This resolution was NOTED.

      2. is ‘at a loss’ to find that a film society ‘Magic Lantern’ is being negotiated with (by) IFFS without the knowledge of the Philippine Federation.

        This resolution was REFERRED to the Executive Committee.

      3. opines that (the) membership fees should be fixed up on the basis of the GDP of the respective country.

        This resolution was REFERRED to the Executive Committee.

      4. decides to utilise 50% of the fund available from IFFS for creating a package of good films in VHS/VCD/DVD format for circulation amongst its members and the rest of the fund should be allotted for various types of Group accounts.

        The Chairman suggested to the Asian Group that as the main part of its resolution was similar to Resolution 5 referred from the Open Forum it would seem sensible for them to be considered together.

        The Asian Group AGREED and the item was therefore DEFERRED. See Minute GA03.18.7. et seq. below

      5. observes that IFFS should have issued a circular amongst its members for offers to create (its) website. However, the Group also feels that the matter is very important and the process of execution should be completed within (the) next three months after having opinion of different members. It also demands that all the Group activities should be properly reflected in the website.

        The Chairman suggested to the Asian Group that as the main part of its resolution covered similar ground to that of Resolution 3 referred from the Open Forum it would seem sensible for them to be considered together.

        The Asian Group AGREED and the item was therefore DEFERRED. See Minute GA03.18.5. et seq. below.

      6. unanimously decided to nominate Golam Rabbany Biblop of Bangladesh as its Group Secretary.

      This matter had already been dealt with under Minute GA03.15.1. above and was therefore NOTED.

    2. From the Swiss Federation.
      1. Cinélibre had submitted a resolution in regards to the hosting and maintenance of the FICC/IFFS website. This had been discussed at the Open Forum and this resolution therefore appears as Resolution 3B at Minute GA03.18.4. below.
  18. Resolutions by the Open Forum
    1. Resolution 1. This resolution was taken as a Special Resolution. See Minutes GA03.Q.7 & GA03.16 above.
    2. Resolution 2.

      CARRIED unanimously. The matter was also REFERRED to the Executive Committee.

    3. Resolution 3A.

      CARRIED (unanimous).

    4. Resolutions 3B & 3C.

      NOTED for information and REFERRED to the Executive Committee for consideration as part of the supplementary resolution.

    5. Supplementary resolution.

      RESOLVED (F-19: Ag-1:Ab-1) to DELEGATE the matter of the website to the Executive Committee, which was mandated to seek other quotations for comparison and DECIDE the matter.

    6. Resolution 4. An Addendum was made that, "As this was an un-costed proposal before matters proceeded a detailed budget would be required".

      CARRRIED with that Addendum (F-12:Ag-6:Ab-3)

      At the conclusion of this item, Peter Cargin vacated the Chair and left the GA. Robert Richter assumed the Chair.

      (DP note – not for inclusion in the final Minutes. I think Peter left at the conclusion of this item. Please advise if it was different?

    7. Resolution 5. The tabled resolution together with Resolution 4 from the Asian Group, the earlier question from the BFFS representative and a request for clarification of the issue from Bernt Lindner led to this resolution being taken as two linked resolutions. 5A - shown as Resolution 5 from the Open Forum (see Appendix ??) and 5B – "That IFFS/FICC should continue to try to establish an Exhibition/Distribution network". It was also accepted that both of these resolutions, if carried would be referred to the Executive Committee for action.
      1. David Phillips, one of the newly elected vice-Presidents (taking the minutes), asked the Chairman for a direction that clarification be first provided as to the intention behind these resolutions. He advised that if these resolutions were carried the Executive would need to be clear of the intentions of the GA if they were to be able to carry them out.
      2. The Chairman over-ruled this request and stated that it was a matter for the Executive. David Phillips asked that his request be noted in the Minutes.
    8. Resolution 5A. CARRIED & REFERRED to the Executive Committee for action (F-7:Ag-5:Ab-9).
    9. Resolution 5B. That IFFS/FICC should continue to try to establish an Exhibition/Distribution network.

      CARRIED & REFERRED to the Executive Committee for action (F-11:Ag-4:Ab-6).

    10. The Portuguese Federation then made a statement in regards to its support for these resolutions (5A & 5B) and requested that it be included in the Minutes.

      "The Portuguese Federation votes for this (these) proposals based on a necessary distribution to member Federations of funding previously the D. Quixote Award ones".

      (DP Note not for inclusion in the final Minutes. I am not sure of the words "funding previously" – but that is what they look like. Can the Portuguese Federation please advise.)

    11. Resolution 6. CARRIED (unanimous).
    12. Resolution 7A. CARRIED (F-20:Ag-0:Ab-0)
    13. Resolution 7B. CARRIED (F-14:Ag-0:Ab:6)
    14. Resolution 7C. CARRIED (F-20:Ag-0:Ab-1)
  19. Approval of Constitution
    1. The Chairman stated that this was purely a procedural matter and explained the reasoning behind the resolution. FICC/IFFS was incorporated under French law and accordingly ‘registered’ in France. It was a French legal requirement that changes to the constitutions of French registered entities had to be notified to the French authorities within ?? months of them being adopted. Unfortunately, FICC/IFFS were unaware of this and had not done so following the last change to the Constitution at the GA in Thessaloniki. It was therefore now necessary for the GA to formally re-adopt the amended Constitution. The Chairman also explained that this had to be carried by a two-thirds majority.

    CARRIED (unanimous).

  20. Date and venue for next General Assembly.
    1. The Chairman reported that no offers had been received to date and asked for guidance.
    2. RESOLVED that the matter be REFERRED to the Executive Committee for action and decision.
  21. Close of Meeting.
    1. That concluded the Agenda and the Chairman closed the meeting thanking all the delegates for their attendance.
    2. In his personal capacity as one of the outgoing vice-Presidents, Robert Richter, thanked members for their personal support and co-operation over the term of his office and wished FICC/IFFS well for the future.