Organizing film societies worldwide...


Moreno (Recife), Brazil Dec. 10th 2010

01.   Quorum. 27 paid members until 2009. 23 members with voting rights present.

02.   Apologies for absence. 3 members (Afghanistan, Sweden and Switzerland).

03.   Minutes of last General Assembly. Approved without comments.

04.   Approval of new members. Nepal and New Zealand 2010, Afghanistan and Georgia 2009. The EC has approved the constitution of these members. Approved by acclamation.

05.   Report from Secretary General. Comment on CineSud being included in the report. Acknowledgement to Felipe Macedo to be included.

06.   Treasurer’s report. Afghanistan fee paid by Norway should be mentioned. Czech membership fee to be frozen due to missing payments in 2008 and 2009. Portuguese and Mexican fees not registered.

07.   Auditor’s report.

“Undersigned, appointed auditor, hereby gives a report on the FICC Treasurer’s administration 2009-2010. I have been in contact with the FICC Treasurer Raivo Olmet by e-mail and telephone. I have checked the bank accounts and documents which have been sent to me. From those checkups it appears that the accounts have been handled in good order. Gällivare, Sweden, November 22, 2010. Sign. Thorbjörn Kjellsson, Auditor.”

 Approved without comments.

08.   Reports from Group Secretaries. Central and Eastern European: Maciej Gil. Nordic: Jon Iversen. Five countries, no organized activities among the Nordic countries, but tasks in the EC. FICC juries in Norway and Estonia. English Speaking language: Maeve Cooke. Comment on Tallahassee fs. No contact. Michael O’Rourke (Australia) informed on Global Film Initiative in the US. Explanation on illegal film societies. Felipe Macedo informed about activities in Canada. They are currently not interested in cooperation with IFFS. Mediterranean group: Aziz Arbai. Catalonia has tried to arrange a common meeting for the group, but has not succeeded. Will continue the work to execute such a meeting. Comment on Senegal and Burkina Faso: Cinemobil. Latin American group: Cristina Marchese. Asian group: Wong Tuck Cheong. Comment on Singapore and Sri Lanka.

09.   Reports from Special Duty Officers. Children Films: Hauke Lange-Fuchs. Juries: Joao Paulo Macedo. Retrieve films awarded Don Quixote in earlier years for the archive. Communication: Julio Lamaña. Secretary: Atle Isaksen. Website: Jon Iversen. Important to inform about changes in contact details, and new contacts. Info page for new members. Accessible in Spanish and French which are the other official languages of the organization. Archive and memory: Robert Richter. It is up to each federation to establish contact with the archive. Education: Bari reporting for Guy Desiré.

10.   President’s report. Paolo Minuto

11.   Approval of all reports. Unanimously approved.

12.   Approval of propositions from EC or member federations (if any). None from the member federations. Proposal from the EC to lower the membership fee to 100 €. The purpose is to increase the amount of members. Unanimously approved.

13.   Approval of propositions from the open forums (the world conference). Recommend that the next World Conference will be linked with the next General Assembly. Unanimously approved.


14.   Voting instructions and election of President and members of the new Executive Committee:


Cultural President – Luce Vigo

President – Claudinho de Jesus

Vice-President – Golam Rabbany Biplob

General Secretary – Julio Lamaña

Treasurer – Raivo Olmet

Auditor – Thorbjörn Kjellsson


Group Secretaries:

African group – Saida Cherif.

Austral-Asian group - Ryan Reynolds.

Nordic group (including Ireland and United Kingdom) - Maeve Cooke.

Asian group - Premendra Mazumder.

Latin-American group – Cristina Marchese.

Mediterranean group-


Special tasks:

IFFS Archive – Robert Richter

Research and Publications – Wong Tuck Cheong

Children films – Hauke Lange Fuchs

Web and communication - Jon Iversen and Gabriel Rodriguez.

Education- Guy Desiré

Juries and General Secretariat – Joao Paulo Macedo and Atle Isaksen


15.   Next General Assembly. Tunisia. Important to hold the conference and GA on different continents. They have already been in contact with The Ministry of Culture who will support the event, or in Guimarães, Portugal, the cultural capital of Europe in 2012. Will not conflict with Tunisia. The Assembly allows that the two events can be held in two different places in 2012, without conflicting with the approval in point No. 13. Unanimously approved.