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Loreto, Italy Dec. 7. 2008

Ranghanathan Seshadrirajan, Yadharthaa/FFSI India, Maciej Gil, Polish Federation of Film Societies, Asma Fenni, F.T.C.C Tunisia, Claudinho de Jesus, Conselho Nacional Cineclubs Brasileiros, Jon Iversen & Atle Isaksen, Norsk Filmklubbforbund, Raivo Olmet, Estonian Federation, Joao Paulo Macedo, Portuguese Federation, Fernando Henriquez, FICCU Uruguay, Christina Marchese, Argentinian Federation, Aziz Arbai, Federation Nationale des Cine-Clubs au Maroc, Guy Desire Yamego, Fed. Burkinabe des Cine-Clubs, Hauke Lange-Fuchs, Bundesverband Jugends Film, Maeve Cooke, Access Cinema Ireland, Robert Richter, Cinelibre, Astrid Friberg, Sveriges Förenade Film Studioer, Julio Lamaña, Fed. Catalana de Cineclubs, Gabriel Rodriguez, Cine Club Bravo, Golam Rabbany Biplob, Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies, Gyorgy Karpati & Gabor Boizormenyi, Hungarian Federation of Film Societies, Paolo Minuto, FICC Italia.

1. Quorum, voting instructions, chair and minutes. Atle Isaksen was elected responsible for the minutes, Paolo Minuto chaired the meeting. He explained the rules for the membership fees. 22 federations have voting rights to the GA. 6 federations are members but without voting rights. The federation has 28 members as of today. 1 proxy, 18 present.

2. Apologies for absence. Serbia, France, Kuala Lumpur and Ukraine.

3. Minutes of last GA and matters arising. Intervent on minutes from 2003. It is incomplete, and status must be clarified. Proposal to declare the written minutes invalid, but place a copy of the tape on which the GA was recorded as the definitive minutes in the archives. Approved.

4. Vice President’s report. Claudinho de Jesus has supported the work in South America together with Christina Marchese. Work to develop the movement more in depth and hope to introduce new members to the federations in the years to come. Support has been received to equip 200 film societies in Brazil. Work is done to train even more film societies. In contact with the President of Brazil.

5. Secretary General’s report. Has written a report which also will be published on the website. 8 news bulletins in the period distributed via email

6. Treasurer report. The federation ended up with positive results both in 2006 and 2007. The treasurer also gave an account of the expenses for EC meetings. There is still a problem in knowing who has paid the fees so it was stressed to mark the payments with name of the federation paying. It must also be avoided to pay by bank checks as this pose additional cost. The federation has one checking account and one savings account. The interest for the accounts should be specified in the report. Approved

7. Auditor’s report. Anna-Stina Nyström has been in continuous contact with the treasurer. She has had difficulties in getting the receipts in time, but has no comments to the finance report. She recommends that the GA approves the treasurer’s report. Approved.

8. Reports from group secretaries. Cristina Marchese Latin America: Uruguay last member able to introduce a law for distribution in the country, Brazil as told by Claudinho de Jesus. They have received recognition by the Cultural Ministry. Two festivals where the Don Quixote award has been introduced. Mexico organized a conference for the Latin American group. Seminars to set up cinematheques and introduce laws. Colombia has a big problem with pirating and thus the film societies have had a lot of difficulties. Work in Ecuador to introduce film societies. Venezuelan film societies have been contacted to form a national body. Cuba is suffering from both economic and climatic problems but struggling to maintain their activities. In Chile a contact person who cooperates with the government. Bolivia political turbulence, Paraguay, surveys to plan film societies. Argentina also problems, but Cristina Marchese has travelled the country in order to reorganize the activities.
Astrid Friberg Nordic group: Finland is coming up as a new member in the group. Art film has been given priority in Sweden. Attention from government regarding this. The Swedish federation is struggling with piracy but working very well. Norway is running in the same way as Sweden and two FICC juries are hosted by Norwegian festivals. A meeting will be held in the Nordic group within the year 2009. Contact between Estonia and Lithuania.
Maeve Cooke English language group: Maeve Cooke took over for Maretta Dillon in 2007, and in the UK there is also a new representative. Increase in the number of film societies represents challenges since funding has been cut. UK and Ireland is cooperating in Northern Ireland. Also facing challenges from digitalization of cinemas. Australia has funding problems and screens mainly in 16 mm.
Central European group never managed to appoint a group secretary since last GA, but this seem to work out for the next period.

9. Reports from Special duty officers: Joao Paulo Macedo juries and Portugal. A general meeting has recently been arranged and the Portuguese federation has elected a new president after Joao Paulo Macedo. Juries, written report available. Challenges regarding timing which makes it difficult to appoint jury members. Missing reports must be handed in.
Atle Isaksen stressed the importance of keeping up the work of the minutes for the documentation and the work of the federation.
Julio Lamaña wants more feedback from the members to fill the bulletin with contents. This can be news of any kind which also may be of interest for other members.
Paolo Minuto expressed the honor of being head for the EC and thanked its members. The EC has faced many challenges, but has managed to work very well. Its duties are well prepared for future activities. He also gave an account for members not present and his own activities for the federation the last two years with visits to various festivals. He also appreciates the increased level of film society activity in Africa. Comment from Morocco about membership fees and the problem for some countries to pay it. Berndt Lindner has been the children’s film representative for the federation in the period. The IFFS is member of the European Children’s Film Association EFCA.

10. Approval of all reports: Comment on material from Venezuela to the archives, they will be contacted by the Latin American secretary. The reports were unanimously approved.

11. Approval of new members: The Executive Committee recommends the General Assembly to approve Uruguay, Finland, Hungary, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Serbia and Poland as new members. Intervent on detailed description about the applying members, but this will be distributed via email after the GA.

12. Proposals of amendments to the constitution by the EC: Paolo Minuto explained the background for the amendments. Suggestion to discuss and analyze the proposed amendments. Intervent on late distribution of the amendments to the members. Approved after discussions and rephrasing.

13. Approval of propositions handed in by members: Membership fee. 150 Euro for full members and 100 Euro for associated members based upon an experiment to increase the amount of members. This proposal was withdrawn after a debate. The federation is losing money, and there is little point in lowering the fee. If anything the fee for associated membership should be higher for interested parties which may even have more funding than the full members. It was approved to increase the fee for associate members to 350 Euros and keep the current amount of 265 Euros for full membership.

14. Approval of propositions from the open forums: Integrate regulations for the IFFS Archive proposed by the working group acting after the forum. Approved.

15. Election of President and members of the Executive Committee:
The President gave a brief introduction about the positions available.
- President: Paolo Minuto
- Vice/President: Claudinho de Jesus
- General Secretary: Biplob Rabbany Biplob
- Treasurer: Raivo Olmet
- Auditor: Torbjorn Svensson
Special duties.
- Website: Jon Iversen
- Juries: Joao Paulo Macedo
- Secretary: Atle Isaksen
- Communication: Julio Lamaña
- Archives: Robert Richter
- Education: Guy Desire Yamego
- Children’s film: Hauke Lange-Fuchs
Group Secretaries:
- Aziz Arbai, Mediterranean group, Dragan vice
- Maciej Gil, Central Eastern European, Gyorgy Karpati vice
- Astrid Friberg, Nordic, no vice at the moment.
- Christina Marchese, Latin-America. No vice at the moment.
- No Asian group secretary at the moment
- English language group needs to constitute itself.
- Gianni Amelio reelected as Cultural President.

16. Next General Assembly: No concrete proposal at the moment.

2008/12/07, Loreto Italy. Atle Hunnes Isaksen (reporter).