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Cinema Jenin

The FICC cooperates with the Palestinian Cinema Jenin project. An abandoned Palestinian cinema is brought back to life on August 5th

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Cinema Jenin opens the 5th of August



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July 15th 2010



Dear friends: Welcome to Cinema Jenin!



Thanks to many generous donations and the commitment of hundreds of volunteers, the dream of reopening the old cinema in Jenin's center has now become reality: Cinema Jenin will open its doors for the first time with a three-day festival from August 5th to 7th - after two years of work. We are happy and proud. And we want to share our delight with everyone who has contributed to this project: this would not have been possible without you. A huge THANK YOU to all of you! Here comes an update on the steps we have taken since the beginning of the year - and the ones to come. Follow us...



Opening festival



The Launch Approches: August 5th - 7th 2010




On August 5th, the cinema will start its programme with an extraordinary festival, starting with the opening film "HEART OF JENIN". The internationally known Oud-band "Le Trio Joubran"
will be giving an exclusive concert in the cinema, followed by a unique program of art, films and music. Cinema Jenin will be honoured to welcome prominent Palestinian guests, among which Dr. Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority, and peace activist Bianca Jagger has already confirmed their attendance. Festival passes for the opening, including film screenings, performances, and accommodation (bed & breakfast) can be purchased - see details at:
www.cjfestival.com link









cinema jenin

A project as big as Cinema Jenin cannot be accomplished without supporters - and luckily enough, we have lots! More than 300 volunteers have been in action from summer 2009 until today, dedicating their know-how, their heads and hearts, and their patience to help the project on its way. Musician, econonomist, cook, or hotel manager - our colourful Palestinian-international team consists of all kinds of different people. And Cinema Jenin Guesthouse has always been their first choice accommodation. Cinema Jenin Guesthouse link

If you can stay in Jenin for at least three months and work in a project-related field, you are welcome to apply: Read more link
We still need experts for light engineering, audio engineering and electrical engineering for the opening and construction experts the following weeks, even for short periods of time!
Contact Felix Gebauer (f.gebauer@cinemajenin.org):
Send e-mail link



Many roads lead to Jenin


People from all parts of the world have visited us during all stages of the project - filmmakers, students, peace activists, journalists, or politicians. The news of the growing cultural project in Jenin were spread to the world - and new impulses came back to Jenin, and made the project what it is now: more than a cinema! Cinema Jenin already boasts numerous extra features and has become a breeding ground for more Palestinian-international projects: a film school with workshops for young Palestinians, a solar power system for carbon-neutral and ecological management of the cinema, a coffee house, a beautiful open air section, German classes, exhibitions, a film library, a space for discussion, an LED screen for advertisements of Palestinian companies and the film program, and an educational garden for children. Some of these projects are still in their early stages, others are already beginning to blossom. The cinema itself will receive its final touch until the end of July. Then the 350 newly upholstered original chairs will return to the cinema, where they have last been used in 1987.






Visit of the Brandenburg delegation with Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck



cinema jenin

On April 15th, Matthias Platzeck, Prime Minister of Brandenburg, visited us together with a group of industry leaders from Brandenburg in the course of a business trip to Israel and the Palestinian Authorities. The Bosch Group, B5 Solar, and the ILB bank have generously donated a solar energy panel which will strongly contribute to the sustainability of the cinema enterprise.

The panel is scheduled to be installed on the cinema roof in August. On the occasion of the visit of the delegation, we had invited Palestinian entrepreneurs as well as representatives of foundations and the embassy. The guests were enthusiastic about the project and witnessed the premiere of the film trailer showing the beginning and development of Cinema Jenin. Read more link






Open Day: Cinema jenin




Two weeks ago, Cinema Jenin's local team opened the cinema doors for one day. More than 400 people flocked into the cinema. Women and children sent balloons up into the sky, there was a clowns' show, and Palestinian short films on the screen. Volunteers showed the guests around the premises and explained the project's aims. Like the others, Dr. Ali Jarbawi, Minister of Planning and Administrative Development, was visibly impressed. Read more link







Cinema for Peace Gala and fundraising event at ChamÄleon, Berlin




In February we hosted a fundraising event in Berlin to attract new supporters for the Cinema Jenin chair adoption. Some 400 guests filled the Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin-Mitte, who generously allowed us to use their beautiful place free of charge. A panel discussion featuring Fakhri Hamad (cinema manager), Marcus Vetter (founder and film director), as well as Martin Kobler, the former Head of Department Culture and Communication of the German foreign ministry, was embedded in a screening of HEART OF JENIN.
Read more link







Awards... and new films:




After the silence

Cinema Jenin - the movie | After the silence documentary

Already boasting numerous awards, HEART OF JENIN now also won the German Film Award 2010 for Best Documentary. Those who want to witness the development of the huge project Cinema Jenin, can do so in 2011: then CINEMA JENIN will hit the screen, a documentary film by Marcus Vetter together with the Palestinian director Alex Bakri. And another film will touch people's hearts: AFTER THE SILENCE by Jule Ott, Stefanie Bürger, and Manal Abdullah. The three junior directors tell the story of a special and true encounter: an Israeli woman meets at the beginning of 2010 the family from Jenin, whose son killed her husband in a suicide bombing in Haifa. It is the first Cinema Jenin documentary production.
www.after-the-silence-documentary.com link










PS: Dear friends of Cinema Jenin,  

This newsletter provides the most important news about Cinema Jenin at a glance. There is more to see and to hear on our website, where you can find weekly updates of our newsticker until the opening festival. Have a look at our blog to follow the different parts and stages of the project, and find information and photos as well as the presentation of our team and contact information.

Any questions or suggestions?

Contact us at: press@cinemajenin.org link






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