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FIKE 2008 - Festival Internacional de Curtas Metragens de Évora, report by Raquel Llorca

FIKE 2008, the seventh edition of the Évora International Short Film Festival, took place in the amazing city Evora. One of the most important cities of the Alentejo region. The city has been declared a world heritage site because of its symphony of architectural styles and form.

All the guests of the Festival , had the opportunity to enjoy walking around the city enjoy several excursions organizers by the Film Festival.
There were 55 films from twenty countries in competition in FIKE 2008 admitted after a pre-selection process which covered almost 1.900 productions from 82 countries
At the end of nine days of competitive sessions, fourteen films were awarded by the Official Jury, formed by the Mexican actress Leticia Gutierrez, the Hungarian director Geza M. Toth, and the Azorean Executive Director and Programmer of Horta Film Society, Luís Pereira, and by the Jury from the International Federation of Film Societies which included , Peter Muszatics from Hungary, Luís Ferro from Portugal, and me.
The different awarded sections of the festival were: Best Fiction, Best Animation, Best Documentary, Best European Short Film, Super Short (up to 5 minutes running time), City of Evora Award for Best Portuguese Expression Short Film, Best Portuguese Short Film .
Brazil was the guest at this edition of the Festival that screened a selection of short films from this country presented out of competition.
One of the most important even was supposed to be the presence of the Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira also was to be honored at the closing ceremony for his contribution to Cinema and Portuguese culture. However, because of health problems it was impossible to him to travel to Evora, so it was the Director who went to Oliveira' s home to give him this special award. All of us we be able to see it later during the closing ceremony.
In the Closing Session and Award Ceremony the FICC Jury decided to give award Don Quixote to the film "Mazal" directed by Roy Sher, because of its brilliant dramatic structure with detailed characters, outstanding casting and a rich harbour atmosphere. It also shows the human condition of two lonely women desperately to escape their loneliness.
We also decided to give a special mention to the film "Don't Let it all Unravel" directed by Sarah Cox, for its strong and communicative message in favor of the environment, expressed in a a fresh and clear way.
Compared to the other three film festival in which I have had the opportunity to be on the Jury, FIKE was the smallest but one of the most warmest and friendliest.
The organizers managed successfully to make you feel at home and as well as special member of the festival . Maybe having meals together with all the other participants every day facilitated this.
This allowed to talk every day almost one hour with very different people, sharing opinions and learning a lot. After three days all of us were as a big family. As a result, we ended up making a short at the end of the festival.
Fernando Mateo , one of the journalist and critic of cinema with more experience in the Festival, and the other journalists and films critics the most experience in the festival had the idea and wrote the screenplay, All the other journalists, jury members, actors and actresses participated in this project in some way. My small contribution was playing the music of the film on the piano. We recorded it directly on the grand piano we had at our hotel courtesy of the kin people in reception who allowed us to use it.
Because of this experience and many other things, I will always have very fond memories of the Evora Film festival and the people a I met there.

Raquel Llorca
Cineclub Xiscnefils de Cerdanyola del Vallès