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43rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2008, report by Jakub Klima, the Czech Republic.

This was my first time visiting film festival, ever. And right for the first time I have been given a great honour to become a member of FICC jury team. I have been given a chance to take part in one of the greatest film event within East-Europe and also within my country. Some people would say I have witnessed something we could grade as a A film festival – I visited 43rd International Film Festival Karlovy Vary – and I took it all.

Mostly, I would like to thank to a wonderful crew of ACFK (namely to Radana Korena) and to Pavel Tomešek to whom I own a lot for my election to FICC jury. Many thanks also go to FICC people and at last but not at least I would like to thank to Karlovy Vary festival itself for creating an atmosphere which was and still is unforgetable and for bringing such a vast selection of films from all over the globe.

My position as FICC jury member was also connected with a position of a secretary as I was a member from organizing country. I think I managed that task fine and even though there were some misunderstanding with FICC inner matters I may proclaim I have done if not well than at least avarage (Contact other jury members for their consideration).

I have enjoyed presence of my co-members fo FICC jury, namely, Derick Smith (Ireland), Marianne Kőrver (Estonia), Gjertrude Langeland (Norway), Raquel Llorca Sanz (Spain) variously during the screenings and I can declare they all took hold of being member more than perfectly. We always found some time to discuss film we just saw and we also liberately agreed on winnig film.

As it has already been announced the FICC jury 2008 has decided to give Don Quijote Award to:

The Investigator | A nyomozó
Director: Attila Gigor
Hungary, Sweden, Ireland, 2008, 107 min, IP

An unconventional story about a man who, in order to save his
cancer-stricken mother, agrees to carry out the assassination of
someone he's never met. As a pathologist he performs the murder
quickly and almost painlessly. A letter he receives after the killing,
however, reveals to him circumstances about which he knew nothing.

For its fresh approach to the longstanding detective genre. Through an efficiency in mixing styles and balance of humour. The film succesfully delivers an original experience.

The FICC jury also granted Special Mention to a danish film:

Terribly Happy | Frygtelig Lykkelig
Director: Henrik Ruben Genz
Denmark, 2008, 105 min, WP

After a case of professional misconduct, a young policeman from
Copenhagen is reassigned to a small provincial town on the Jutland
peninsula. He soon comes into conflict with the strange local
inhabitants, whose world ends at the bottomless peat bogs located
nearby. This grotesque, sombre drama with elements taken from the
western and horror genres, is striking for its original stylisation
and superb performances.

For its stunning cinematography and sophisticated handling of a complex story through humorous twists.

Once again, I wish to say that being a member of FICC jury or any jury gives one another perspective of film festival. It has been a wonderful experinec and I can only wish good luck to future members and to FICC for allowing us to be there.

Jakub Klíma