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Minutes from Executive Committee meeting in Evora, November 26, 2007.

Present: Astrid Friberg, Maeve Cooke, Cristina Marchese, Jon Iversen, Julio Lamaña, Claudinho de Jesus, Joao Paulo Macedo, Paolo Minuto, Raivo Olmet, Golam Ramany Biplob, Atle Hunnes Isaksen (reporter).


  1. Apologies: Janine Bertrand, Bernt Lindner, Ashley Rathnavibusana.


  1. Approval of E-meetings and minutes from previous EC meeting: Questions regarding application for funds to the EU will be treated under a separate point in the agenda. Minutes from last EC meeting approved.


  1. Organizational Report: Nordic group is planning a weekend seminar together. Finland has an active film society movement, but is not yet member of the FICC. They need follow-up. Lithuania has not replied to approaches made by Raivo. Asia is working with a package of Don Quixote winners in relation to the anniversary of the FICC. There is also work going on to produce a compilation DVD. Kongo has started screenings and need follow-up in order to be more closely related to the federation. Maeve met with Northern Ireland film society representatives, and will together with the UK representative map the possibilities for cooperation and coordination of activities. Australia is trying to get funding in order to control the distribution of films to the film societies. New Zealand is a ghost. Latin America has a boom of DVD distribution to film societies, Meeting in Brazil to gather all the representatives, Mexico is trying to gather a national board, and in February 2008 there will be a film festival where Gabriel Rodriguez is invited to coordinate international films. In Colombia efforts are made to make film society activity easier, and Ecuador plans to install a FICC jury in one of the country’s film festivals. Uruguay work continuously to promote film society activities, and plans a CINESUD project in relation to the FICC anniversary. Argentina continues their work in spite of Juan Carlos’ demise, and directors related to film societies are working to celebrate the FICC anniversary. Plans for a FICC jury in Maria de La Plata, and the film society in Antarctic is still working. There are ambitions to form a film society at the Argentinean embassy in Paris, and Cristina is also working with a group in order to screen Argentinean films in New York. Contact is made with several Latin American countries to develop societies.

Portugal: change of government has resulted in cultural projects being cut off, but creativity has emerged to get alternative funding. Two new film societies being put up, and cooperation with University of Evora about the use of a monastery for screening purposes is in progress. Efforts are made to keep the CINEMA magazine going, which is the only film magazine in Portugal.

Brazil: mapping the film societies in the country, Latin-American meeting in July 2008. Work with publication of a cineclub manual, National website is www.cineclubes.org.br . Paolo: Big interest in Latin America, film society movement is an important way to maintain cinema culture. New countries acknowledge the film societies all the time. Joao Paulo: New festivals must send a synthesis of festival policy, official name and hospitality to him. New juries in a new continent are interesting.

Cristina’s film “Cinema at the end of the world” will be screened in Tromsø under the section for cinemas.  Eastern Europe: Activity in Croatia, Hungary and Poland represented in “Summer school festival” in Czech Republic. Paolo will go to Morocco to meet representatives regarding GA 2008. Tunisia has made contact with Julio, and the African film society movement is taking form.

Norway: Concerns regarding digitalisation of the cinemas (2K). More and more film societies are screening on the DVD format because it is getting expensive to distribute 35mm copies. Preparations have started for a film society day in Tromsø in January. Rights related to Non-commercial exhibition of DVD’s should be a task for the FICC since this is an international challenge.

Joao Paulo: Film Festival World is offering FICC free services for sharing information, and we will ask for a draft of protocol in order to start cooperation.


  1. Financial Report. Raivo distributed a report at the meeting. It is important to state the name of the federation paying on the invoices. 24 members have paid their membership fees for 2007 as per November 20. The economy in FICC is according to budget. Budget for 2008 preliminary approved.


  1. Approval of expenses of EC meeting in Evora: Approved with adjustments related to coverage of travel expenses.


  1. EU Media Programme: The FICC/IFFS application must contain Month by month project activities for the whole year. Funds may cover activities not already supported by EU (bulletin, websites, meetings etc.), and activities that not only take place inside EU boarders, but also promotes Europe outside the EU.


  1. Archive: Paolo attended a meeting in Locarno on the subject. Costs related to transport from La Chaux de Fonds to Cinematheque Suisse in Lausanne needs to be covered. It is also necessary to appoint someone to keep the archives updated. The EC decided to start the transfer in cooperation with Cinelibre, and make funds available for this in the budget for 2008.


  1. Juries, Diplomas, Plaques and Policies. Due to reorganisation, Artfilm first decided not to have a FICC-jury, but later changed their mind. There was also an administrational problem with Kiev Molodist. An idea would be to have “Emergency” jury members available. The juries have a problem with regards to diversity because some members apply all the time, some never. Reports never show up in due time, and it could be a long term idea for the FICC to fund travel expenses. It should be an aim for the federation to have at least one jury in each member country. Astrid will check with Stockholm International Film Festival to place a jury there. Plaques for 2008 are ordered and will be handed out at the respective festivals.


  1. Website. The company making the website is not giving priority to the FICC homepage since their services are free, but Jon will do a follow-up. Contact info needs to be updated and could be done at the next IFFS/FICC festival.


Jon is working on a list of all the Don Quixote winners including contact details to distributors.


  1. FICC Bulletin: Julio wants contributions to the bulletin from the rest of the EC. Paolo propose to have a different topic in every editorial written by the EC representative who has the closest interest to the topic. Ideas for a printed copy will be proposed at the next EC meeting.


  1. International Festival of Film Societies: Last festival in Matera was not a good solution with regards to the technical side. The next venue of the festival will most probably be Senigallia in Northern Italy.

Don Quixote Award: Paolo met with British representatives who regretted the absence of Ken Loach in Matera. Ken Loach is prepared to come to the 2008 edition of the festival. Goran Paskaljević is also an interesting candidate from Serbia which can also strengthen the FICC link to Serbia since they are new members to the federation. Paskaljevic will be contacted first, to see if he can be present. The 10th festival of film societies will take place June 3-7 and the next EC meeting will take place on June 1. Paolo awaits confirmation from the local authorities and will inform the EC accordingly.


  1. Celebration of 60 years of IFFS: Several activities have allready been mentioned under point 3 of the agenda. Joao Paulo will put focus on FICC 60th anniversary in CINEMA with issuance due to the next festival in June.


  1. Cine Sud: 25 screenings in Ibero-American countries in 2007. Challenges connected to subtitling and translation of Cine Sud films.


  1. Application for new memberships: No applications at the moment. Expecting applications from Nepal, France and Tunisia.


  1. Amendment of Constitution of IFFS: A written draft must be produced and be ready for vote before the next EC meeting, and every amendment must be ready for vote to the next GA.


  1. Next General Assembly: Morocco is investigating the possibility to host the next General Assembly. Paolo will clarify when he is going to Morocco.


Evora, 26.11.2007, Atle Hunnes Isaksen.