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Minutes from the Executive commitee meeting in Rieti, 2006-12-16.

Rieti, Duomo

Present: Maretta Dillon, Jon Iversen, Raivo Olmet, Bernt Lindner, Julio Lamańa, Joćo Paulo Macedo, Paolo Minuto, Golam Rabbany Biplob and Atle Hunnes Isaksen (reporter).

1. Chair of the meeting: Paolo Minuto chaired the meeting

2. Apologies: Astrid Friberg, Christina Marchese, Claudinho Antonio de Jesus.

Absent: Janine Bertrand, Ashley Ratnavibhusana.

3. Approval of E-meetings: The EC approved the decisions made in the E-meetings, and these will be discussed during other points of the agenda.

4. Organizational report: Paolo gave an account from his presence on several meetings and festivals around the world. The Croatian federation is starting to work very well and the hope is that Serbia will join soon. In Latin-America there is a high activity and new projects are being initiated all the time. Claudinho has sent a written report by e-mail to the EC members about the activity in Brazil. New countries in Latin-America are likely to join the FICC soon. Lebanon is still recovering from the resent national conflicts. Morocco has started the work for hosting a GA in 2008. Paolo will go to Casablanca and give the EC a more extensive report on this matter after the visit. Paolo is also invited to Burkina Faso and will try to go there.
The Irish federation is working well, but the status of the British federation is unknown, but they have a new website which seems to be up to date. Efforts are being made for creating film society activity in the north of Ireland, but the status of this work and the connection to Access Cinema is uncertain at this point.

5. Finance Report and Bank Account: Raivo distributed a report from the activities on the account since March 18. Three times a year, Raivo sends out invoices to federations who have not yet paid. Some federations have E-mail addresses which are out of date, and some federations do not want any association with the FICC anymore. The list over members and associate members needs to be updated. 22 members have paid their fees up to 2006 as of December 11.2006, but four more countries are expected to pay from 2007. It was decided to delete FICC Film Festival from the budget and to increase the amount for EC meetings. It is unfortunate that the Vice-president is unable to participate on the EC meetings because of the budget.
The financial report for 2006 was approved, and so was the provisional budget for 2007.

6. Registration of IFFS: Everything is in order. Registration and legal address is in Paris.

7. Administration: Previously someone was appointed to this task. We should have an administrative address, it is natural that this address is in Paris, and it should be published on the website. Most of the correspondence today is happening by e-mail, and it should be primarily encouraged to use the e-mail addresses of the President and the Secretary General.
Letterhead. Joćo Paulo presented three proposals for a letter-head especially designed for the 60th anniversary, but also a letter-head in continuous use. Joćo Paulo brings the comments of the EC back to the designer for adjustments.

8. Amendment of Constitution of IFFS: The GA gave the EC the task to improve the amendments to the constitution for GA 2008. This issue will be discussed in due time before the next GA, preferably the EC meeting autumn 2007.

9. Co-option of vacant positions in EC: Christina Marchese has taken over as secretary for the Latin-American group after the demise of Juan Carlos Arch. Bernt and Robert Richter distributed a letter to the Central-European group inquiring about the position as group secretary without any replies. This group will get new members during the coming year, and thus it is expected that the position as Group secretary will taken. At the moment it is uncertain whether there is a need for a group secretary, but Bernt will give it another try.

10. Juries, Diplomas, Plaques and Policies: Joćo Paulo informed about the status of the juries. Recently there have been problems of getting enough jury members, partly due to lacking contribution to travel expenses. Berlin will not contribute anymore, but the importance of being present at this festival, raise the question whether the federation should support this jury. Joćo Paulo will contact the festival again to find a solution. After the situation of the Tallinn festival, it should be discussed if there should be back-up candidates to the juries. Joćo Paulo will distribute a calendar with the call for nominations and festival dates to make the work in getting candidates to the juries more convenient. The selection of candidates will be performed by Astrid, Maretta and Joćo Paulo by agreement of the EC. It should be compulsory for the juries to report back to the IFFS after the festival. Maretta offered to contact the winners and inform them about the award. Joćo Paulo will make a form for the candidates to fill out about the duties of being a jury member. The EC will order plaques for the coming festivals in 2007. Currently there are about 20 juries during one year. It was decided to make a catalogue over the winners for the anniversary. There will be an experimental jury present at the Atibaia Festival as decided in the E-meetings. Because the Czech Republic is no longer paying, the IFFS will stop nominating Czech candidates to the juries at film festivals in the Czech Republic. Joćo Paulo will discuss conditions with several festivals to make it more appealing to do the work of a jury member. Bernt will contact the Czech federation asking them to renew their membership.

11. Website: The website is functioning well, but there are still many possibilities to use it even more, as adding newsletters and festival reports. It was proposed to amend e-mail addresses and other functions from Google/Gmail to the site. Jon will research the possibility to make the FICC website independent of the Norwegian one.

12. IFFS Bulletin: The EC is very happy that Julio is doing this work, but it should not be announced how often the bulletin is going to be distributed. It was proposed to extend the mailing list to film festivals and other contacts that could be interesting to communicate with. A primary goal is to make sure that both associate and full members of IFFS receive the bulletin.

13. 9th International Festival of Film Societies:
Paolo informed about the dependency of local support from Matera, but there are other regions interested in hosting the festival for 2007. It could be that the festival has to be split between two places, but nothing is certain. The idea is to start the festival June 12 to Saturday 16. The festival will already contain the anniversary of the IFFS and a presentation of Cine Sud. Ken Loach, Werner Herzog and Octavio Cortazar are candidates to the Don Quijote lifelong award. As for Children film, an awarded feature from Lucas, Zlin or Kristiansand will be elected for the festival.
The CNN programme will have no specific theme, but the format must be everything else than 35mm.

14. Celebrating 60 years of IFFS: The celebration of the anniversary could be eligible to start in Cannes if possible, then go on to Matera and continue into 2008 and the 10th festival. The communication concerning the anniversary must be maintained by e-mail. The IFFS archive in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland is proposed to move to Lausanne. Another option could be Matera, Italy. Paolo propose to have a part solution between Lausanne and Matera, and digitalize as much as possible for internet access. Paolo and Robert Richter will continue the work on this matter.
Gabriel Rodriguez and Julio Lamańa will build a Cronoclip, an audiovisual chronology over the IFFS history. Biblop said the Bangladesh federation will screen the Asian films who won the Don Quijote price. Joao Paulo proposed a space in the Portuguese magazine CINEMA, for writing articles about the IFFS history and its relations to the national federations.

15. Cine Sud: Julio distributed a dossier to the EC members and gave a Powerpoint presentation of the project. Cine Sud is a non-profit organisation linked to IFFS. The idea is to produce a DVD-pack containing short films and documentaries with English subtitles for distribution on the next Matera festival. EC decided to contribute up to 1000 € from the IFFS account for the production of a DVD with silent movies and a presentation of the CineSud project for distribution in Matera.

16. Letter from Matera: To continue the ideas presented in this letter, a status of the work of the federation according to the letter should be made in the forum of the next IFFS festival.

17. Application for new membership: Uruguay will send requests and statutes for new membership in 2007. Poland has already sent these documents and will be regarded as full members until the next GA formally approves their membership.

18. Approval expenses of EC meeting in Rieti: The total expenses of the meeting amounts to 1800 €. Approved.

19. Any other business: Bernt informed about the General Assembly of ECFA in Berlin in February, and if anyone is going he urged the presence of IFFS on this meeting. He will distribute additional information by e-mail.

Rieti, 2006-12-16
Atle Hunnes Isaksen