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Matera, June 17. 2006

Minutes of the General Assembly
International Federations of Film Societies
Matera, Italy, 17th of June, 2006.

Agenda-01 (Quorum, Voting instructions, Chair, Minutes)

Present Members :( 14)
Argentine Federation of Film Societies (Argentina), Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies (Bangladesh), Croatian Film Clubs Association (Croatia), Estonian Federation of Film Societies (Estonia), Union Nationale Inter Ciné-Clubs/U.N.I.C.C. (France), Bundesverband Jugend und Film, (Germany), British Federation of Film Societies (Great Britain), access CINEMA(Ireland), Federazione Italiana dei Circoli del Cinema (Italy), Norwegian Federation of Film Societies (Norway), Portuguese Federation of Film Societies (Portugal), Sri Lanka Federation of Film Societies (Sri Lanka), Catalan Federation of Film Societies (Spain – Catalonia), Cinélibre Federation of Swiss Film Societies (Switzerland)

Absent Members: (06)
Australian Council of Film Societies (Australia),Danish Film Clubs for Children and Youth (Denmark), Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit (Germany), Unione Italiana Circoli del Cinema (Italy), Association of Slovak Film Clubs (Slovak Republic), Swedish Federation of Film Societies (Sweden)

Chairman of G a: Mr. Joao Paulo Macedo, Portugal, was unanimously elected as chairman of the assembly.

The Swiss delegate Mr. Robert Richter proposed to include point 10 of the agenda (Approval of New Members) into point 1b. The proposition was approved unanimously.

Agenda- 1 (b) ( Approval of New Members)

Newly Rectified Members:
(a) Eligible to Vote at G. A.-2006: (03)
1. National Council of Film Societies (Brazil)
2. Federation of Film Societies of Cuba (Cuba),
3. Federation of Film Societies of India (India),
These three Federations were former members. After discontinuation of membership they again applied for membership. After getting the approval of EC they have been paying membership fees for last two years. In this circumstances G. A. unanimously rectify them as full members eligible to Vote at G. A.-2006.

(b) Not Eligible to Vote at G. A.-2006 (04)
1. Russia- Absent at G. A.-2006
2. Lithuania
3. Dominican Republic
4. Morocco.
These four federations have applied for their membership in 2006. EC has accepted their application and G. A. has unanimously rectified them as full members Not Eligible to Vote at G. A.-2006.

(C) Associate Members:
The G. A. unanimously endorsed the applications of Associate Membership approved by the EC. New Associate Members are:

1. Malaysia Film Society (Malaysia)
2. Cine Club Bravo, Mexico (Mexico)
3. Mongolian Cinema Association(Mongolia)
4. Kara Film Society (Pakistan)
5. Singapore Film Society (Singapore)
6. Thai Film Foundation (Thailand)- Absent at G. A.-2006

Obsevers present at G. A.-2006 :
1. Nepal
2. Indonesia
3. South Korea
4. Uruguay
5. Ecuador
6. Burkina Faso
7. Egypt
8. Morocco
9. Serbia
10. The Philipines (former member)
11. Tunisia (former member)

Total Voter Member Present at G. A.
After rectifing three new members eligible to Vote at G. A.-2006, total 17 (Seventeen) voting members were present at the G.A-2006, Matera, Italy.

Total Participants at G. A-2006

Full Members : 20
Associate Members : 05
Observers : 11
Total Countries : 36

Agenda-2 (Apologies for Absence)
Apologies: Astrid Friberg, Sweden.

Agenda-3 (Minutes of the last G. A.)
The Swiss delegate wanted to know what has happened to the resolutions decided by the last General Assembly, and what has been done by the EC since last GA, amongst others the presence of the federation on the internet, and the visibility and presence of the IFFS outside the federation?

The chairman proposed to be brief on the interventions. After discussion the Swiss delegate proposed to either correct the minutes or to delete them. It was unanimously approved to correct the former minutes.

Agenda-4 (Report from the Vice-President)
The Vice-President informed the GA about the work of including new members, mapping the obstacles of film knowledge and film distribution between the members to increase the film society audience. The VP apologised for the missing two Vice-Presidents and thanked the members of the Executive Committee for their work in the period. He also thanked the group secretaries and stressed the importance of developing activity on the African continent. The work on a news bulletin will be a main activity for the coming EC. The VP also informed about the regrettable outcome to arrange a GA in Brazil, and brought greetings from our president Gianni Amelio, who is willing to continue his presidency.

Agenda-5 (Treasurers report)
The Treasurer told about the transferring of the federation’s account from Switzerland to France where the federation is registered. There has been several problems related to this operation, but as of June 2006, all of the federation’s assets are placed in the French account. He informed about the income and expenses in the past period, and emphasised the importance for the members to give up the name of the federations when paying.

Agenda-6 (Auditor’s report)
The Treasurer read the report from the auditor, Anna Stina Nyström. The auditor recommended that the accounts should be approved.

Intervent from the French delegate. It is not correct that all of the money is transferred. The VP explained that a formal letter will be written to the Swiss bank declaring the relationship between the federation and bank as closed.

The Swiss delegate wanted a more specific report on the accounts, and could not accept the treasurer’s report as it was presented.The budget with incomes and expenses in detail was distributed during the meeting after a general recall to the Treasurer by all the delegates after
the claim of the Swiss delegate;. The French delegate added completing points to the treasurer’s report. The Norwegian delegate suggested that a more specific account should be sent out with the minutes of the GA.

Agenda-7 (Reports from the group secretaries)
The Irish delegate gave an account of the English language group. The group has been represented at all EC meetings since last GA. The Bangladesh delegate told about the activities of the Asian group. There has been a lot of activity in recruiting new members and work with gathering films on DVD, and the placing of new juries in Asia. The Argentine delegate gave an account of the Latin-American group. New members, production section, film for children and youth. The French delegate gave an account about the Latin group. She regretted that the Galician federation has pulled out due to financial problems, and appreciated the cooperation with Portugal. She questioned the reason for the Latin group to exist and proposed to join forces with the Mediterranean group. The Nordic secretary told about stable activity in the Nordic countries and appreciated new members in the region.

Agenda-8 (Special duties)
The Irish delegate gave a brief account about the activities of the IFFS juries. The Norwegian delegate gave an account about the website and stressed the importance of the site being used by the members and the juries. The German delegate told about the activity on children’s film and stressed the importance of this work.

Intervent from the Swiss delegate wanting more complete information about the central-European group and the special duties.

Agenda-9 (Approval of Reports)
All reports were approved unanimously with the suggestions made by G. A.

Agenda-10 (Approval of New Members)
See point 1b.

Agenda-11 (Proposal of alteration of the constitution)
The alterations were distributed to the delegates on beforehand. The VP informed the GA.

Article 1: Spanish Name of the Organization
The G. A. unanimously approved the proposition to accommodate “Spanish Name of the Organization”.

Article 2. Official Language
The G. A unanimously approved the proposition to accommodate “Spanish” as one of the official languages.

Article 12: Composition of EC
The G. A. unanimously approved the new composition of the Executive Committee of the organization.
The New Executive Committee will be a compilation of “Main Office”, “Group Secretaries” and “Special Duty Officers”.

Main Office: The Main Office will be constitute with 5 (Five) members. All the Main Office Members will be member of the Executive Committee.
1. Cultural President – one
2. President- one
3. Vice President- one
4. Secretary General- one
5. Treasurer- one

Group Secretaries: Each Group (approved by the G. A.) will elect one person as Group Secretary. All the Group Secretaries will be member of the Executive Committee.
Special Duty Officers: The G. A will appoint (by electoral process) a number of Special Duty Officers to assist the main office. All the Special Duty officers will be member of the Executive Committee.

Agenda-12 (Proposition from Member Federations)
No proposals.

Agenda-13 (Proposition from the Open Forum)
Letter from Matera. Paolo read the letter out loud. Unanimously approved.
It was proposed to publish the names supporting the letter.

Agenda-14 (Election of the Executive Committee)

(A) Main Office
Cultural President, President, and Treasurer have been elected uncontested.
The Vice-President was elected with one abstention.
Three Candidates appear for the post of Secretary General. 17 (Seventeen) present voter member federations vote for the post of Secretary General. Golam Rabbany BIPLOB (Bangladesh) got 10 (Ten), Atle Hunnes Isaksen (Norway) got 4 (Four) and Janine Bertrand (France) got 3 (Three) votes.

(B) Group Secretaries
Janine Bertrand informed the G. A. that there are only two members in “Latin Language Group” and they are not interested to continue this group. She proposed to dissolve the group and that the two member federations of this group join the Mediterranean Group. The GA A unanimously approved the proposition.

The Swiss and the German delegate informed the G. A. that at this moment they are unable to announce the name of a new Group Secretary for Central & Eastern European Group. They will inform the Executive Committee about it later.

Asian Group, Nordic Group, Mediterranean Group, English Group and Latin-American Group announced the name of their Group Secretaries.

(C) Special Duty Officers
The G. A. unanimously appointed 5 (Five) Special Duty Officers: Jury Administrator, Children Affairs, Web Site, Information and Secretary.

The Newly Elected Executive Committee of the IFFS for 2006-8.

1. Gianni Amelio, Italy Cultural President
2. Paolo Minuto, Italy President
3. Antonio Claudino de Jesus, Brazil Vice President
4. Golam Rabbany Biplob, Bangladesh Secretary General
5. Raivo Olmet, Estonia Treasurer
6. Ashley Ratnavibhushana, Sri Lanka Group Secretary (Asia)
7. Janine Bertrand, France Group Secretary (Mediterranean)
8. Astrid Friberg, Sweden Group Secretary (Nordic)
9. Maretta Dillon, Ireland Group Secretary (English)
10. Juan Carlos Arch, Argentina Group Secretary (Latin-America)
11. Vacant Group Secretary (Central & Eastern Europe)
12. Bernt Lindner, Germany Special Duty Officer (Children & Youth Films)
13. Joao Paulo Macedo, Portugal Special Duty Officer (Jury Administration)
14. Jon Iversen, Norway Special Duty Officer (Web Site)
15. Julio Lamaña, Spain Special Duty Officer (Information)
16. Atle Hunnes Isaksen, Norway Special Duty Officer (Secretary to the
Executive Committee).

Appointment of Auditor
The GA unanimously reappointed Anna Stina Nyström as the Auditor of IFFS.

There has been a group meeting for Africa and an introduction paper was presented to the GA.

Agenda-15 (Next General Assembly)
There has been an invitation from the Moroccan federation and the GA welcomes the invitation in principle.

The President thanked the representatives who are stepping out of the EC, in particular Astrid Friberg who has been in charge of the juries.

Oslo 2006.09.26
Atle Hunnes Isaksen