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Minutes from EC meeting in Prague 23/10-04

Present: Janine Bertrand, Maretta Dillon, Martí Porter Huerre, Massimo de Grandi, Paolo Minuto, Bernt Lindner, Raivo Olmet and Atle Hunnes Isaksen (reporter).

Absent: Astrid Friberg, Christian Heinzel, Jon Iversen, Juan Carlos Arch, Golam Biplob and David Phillips.

An agenda was available for the meeting, but the committee chose to depart from the original one, discussing juries, financial situation and next GA before lunch and FICC/IFFS projects after.

Financial situation Paolo told the committee about the problems concerning the transferral of money from the Swiss to the French account, because of the need for the signatures of the former vice-presidents. The problem was solved by Jon, the former treasurer, but the Swiss account still contains a considerable amount of money. The E.C. decided to ask Jon to urgently transfer the total remaining amount in Crédit Suisse to Crédit Lyonnais. According to the decision of the GA in Reggio 2003, the Swiss account is to be closed.
Paolo suggested that a letter should be sent to the former vice-presidents and treasurer to express EC’s disappointment with the way they have handled the situation.

Membership fees Janine presented a table of fees paid in 2004 to the Paris account, from 09/01/04 to 15/10/04. Currently 15 federations have paid their membership fees for 2004 and 19 countries have not. The members of the EC have received signals from several federations that they will pay by the end of the year. The financial situation for some of the federations is so poor that they are not able to pay the membership fee at all.
The committee discussed an arrangement with graded or symbolic fees and concluded that this issue should be prepared and discussed for the next General Assembly. It was the consensus that members are more important than fees. Janine thought that the question is very complicated because FICC/IFFS has not the means to know the actual activities and the actual financial situation of the national federations. Marti objected that, in some countries, local activities are charged to the federation. It was also suggested that an official document was to be sent out confirming the membership of each federation.
A discussion was started in the committee about the future role of the organisation. Janine, Massimo, Paolo and Raivo will prepare a proposition to the EC about a modification of the constitution to be passed on to the next GA about graded fees, and the discussion must continue by e-mail with everyone participating. The proposition must be ready by February. They will also make a proposition about creating a new post in the Executive Committee of an “executive president” signing for the organisation in formal matters.

Next General assembly (GA) Martí told about the efforts made by the South American federations to arrange the next GA. They have realised that they are not able to make it in 2005, but they will arrange a South American congress first. Paolo will report from his visit to Mexico and Brasil in November about the possibilities of the Federation in Latin America to host an event like GA.
Martí writes an e-mail to the South American group requesting them to confirm that they are not able to arrange a GA in 2005.
Maretta will enquire about the possibilities to arrange the next GA in Cork, Ireland. Cork is the European Capital of Culture in 2005.
Martí will enquire about the possibility of hosting the next GA in Barcelona. Maretta and Martí have a deadline on January 7 2005.
Massimo suggested that representatives from the EC should participate in events outside Europe, and the importance of showing face was discussed.

FICC/IFFS juries For the Cottbus festival there was a last minute solution about who was to be in the jury. This must not happen again.
Astrid’s workload was discussed, and the Vice-Presidents will enquire with her whether Maretta should be given more duties with the juries or not.
Paolo suggested to award one film among last years Don Quijote winners a price that includes distribution support. He will write a presentation to the EC by e-mail. It was decided to award a Honorary Don Quijote to a personality of Cinema in film society point of view from the next International Festival of Film Societies. The first award will go to Jean Vigo and will be received by Luce Vigo.

Massimo has enquired with Murano glass about the production of a plaque for the Don Quijote price. He will write a more exact proposal to the EC within two weeks.
The President of the federation, Gianni Amelio, has a project to commit the constitution of the official Jury of Pesaro Festival, in June 2005, to IFFS.

The next FICC/IFFS festival will take place in Reggio June 8 to 11 in Reggio 2005 and the EC meeting will be on June 12.

FICC/IFFS projects How can national federations exchange and distribute film across borders?
Massimo presented ideas about how films can be screened in different countries. However, these ideas demands that each federation seek out the resources available for economical support by their governments and screening rights for the film they want to present.
The EC also discussed the importance of making members aware of the possibilities for cultural exchange available through the homepages and network of Film Societies.

Business cards Massimo is ready to produce business cards for the members of the EC, but they will have to contain the individual e-mail addresses of the members since creating a FICC/IFFS e-mail are to expensive.

FICC/IFFS Bulletin There is a wish to produce and distribute a news bulletin to the members of FICC/IFFS. It can work as a tool to improve the visibility of the organisation and also make our homepage more attractive to our members.
Martí is willing to be the editor of a bulletin based on a model of the Catalan bulletin. The bulletin has to be published regularly, in three languages, Spanish, French and English and it was agreed to produce one every two months at first. If there is enough material it can be published more frequent. The first issue will be published in December, and the articles must either be in English or French, the official languages of FICC/IFFS.

FICC/IFFS magazine Paolo presented an idea from his federation to publish a paper magazine containing Film Studies articles. Paolo will be the editor, but everyone is responsible to provide material for it, as the bulletin. The first issue will be published in the next FICC/IFFS festival in Reggio. The magazine will contain 16 pages, with English and French text, and printed in 1000 copies. The cost of this magazine will be 1000 euros per year and published twice annually.

FICC/IFFS booklet (flyer) It was suggested to produce a booklet containing information about the organisation. It was agreed to design a lay-out and make it available for the members as a downloadable file from our homepage. Janine, Maretta and Massimo are responsible for making this service available to the members by Christmas.

The third vice-president Massimo will write David Phillips an e-mail asking him to clarify his situation as the third vice-president of the organisation. FICC/IFFS can function with two vice-presidents until the next General Assembly, because our constitution does not name a fixed number for this office.

Budget Janine presented a table of revenues and expenses for the Paris bank account, from 02/10/2003 to 19/10/2004. After a tranfer of 10 000 CHF from the Crédit Suisse account, the balance, in Paris, is 7 175 euros. In the Swiss account about 27 000 euros are still remaining, but the exact amount is unknown. Raivo will work out a budget based upon next year’s expected expenses for the organisation. The expected expenses for next year are two more EC meetings, The Reggio festival and the next General Assembly. A draft will be distributed to the EC by e-mail for discussion and approval.

Letter from Bangladesh The committee was informed about internal problems in the Bangladesh Federation of Film Societies, and this was discussed among the members. Paolo will go to Bangladesh during the Film Festival in Dhaka, and report to EC when he comes back.

Next meeting Janine will enquire about having the next EC meeting in Paris in February. Massimo also proposed Venice as a possible venue.

Oslo 2004-11-17.
Atle Hunnes Isaksen