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Minutes from meeting in the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Film Societies (FICC), Cittanova and Pizzo, Italy 30.-31.05.04.

Present: Janine, Maretta, Astrid, Massimo, Paolo, Bernt, Marti, Raivo, Biplob, Juan Carlos and Atle (reporter).

Absent: David and Christian.

The meeting had no agenda, but the following points were discussed:

Astrid distributed a list containing a survey of the festivals that have hosted FICC juries in 2004 and in recent years. She will send a list over the participants in these juries to the EC.
Astrid also explained procedures for work regarding the juries, and needed help for the supplementary work that needs to be done after the juries has finished their tasks. Members of the juries are supposed to hand in a report after a festival, but this is rarely done. Maretta agreed to help Astrid in this work.

The EC agreed to make contact with festivals that has hosted FICC juries earlier to inquire whether they are interested in doing so in the future. It is important that information from the FICC is sent in time to the festivals, since this is one of the reasons why juries are not represented at a number of festivals.
Janine will contact the Ourense festival in Spain and will also contact the festival in La Rochelle to inquire if the FICC can present a film at this festival. The Italian film “Dopo mezzanotte”, (After midnight) that was screened in Pizzo, was suggested as a possible film in this respect.
Astrid will contact Cottbus Germany.
Marti will contact Tunis, Huesca Spain, Tetuan Morocco, Carthage Tunisia, and L’Alternativa Spain.
Massimo and Paolo will contact Venice Italy.

The festival in Leipzig, Germany is interested to host a FICC jury in 2005, but was not able to do so in 2004 because of a late application.
The Artfilm festival in Teplice, Slovak Republic is not taking place this year, but is still interested in hosting a jury.
The festival in Kiev, Ukraine will host their first jury in October 2004.
The festival in Tallinn, Estonia hosted an experimental jury in 2003, and received good feedback. A formal jury will participate in 2004.
The festival in Burkina Faso has invited a jury for their next event in February 2005.
The regional secretaries of the EC keep themselves updated on festivals taking place in their respective regions.

Massimo made a suggestion to place juries in festivals in countries without a Film Society Federation. This was discussed in the Committee without agreeing on further action.

There is a problem with representation of jury members outside Europe because of travel expenses. A proposal for regional juries was discussed without further agreement.

Astrid made a suggestion about producing a plaque to send with the diplomas, but the EC agreed to continue to send only diplomas. A plaque can be discussed again if the economy of the organisation improves in the future.

Constitution and accounts
The constitution of the FICC has been registered by Janine in Paris since the previous General Assembly (GA) in Reggio, 2003, and she has also opened a French account for the FICC together with Raivo and Paolo.
Raivo and Paolo have encountered problems in transferring money from the Swiss account to the French, but this will be solved in the nearest future.

The constitution has to be changed in the next GA concerning responsibility for the account. It was suggested that the FICC from the next GA has an Executive President and a Cultural President. The EC agreed that a proposal will be put forward for the GA in 2005.

E-mail correspondence and website.
Marti suggested that E-mail correspondence between members of the EC from now on has a deadline on replying to the EC. The deadline will give the regional secretaries time to consult their respective member federations. The EC agreed that a deadline of 14 days will be in force in future corresponding.

Jon Iversen in Norway will continue to act as webmaster for the FICC website. However, it is up to all members of FICC to contribute with contents to the site. The site has a forum for discussion where members can communicate and exchange information.
Paolo suggested that the webmaster from now on is a part of the EC, and he will be invited to the next EC meeting.
Massimo will ask Jon if he is still interested in keeping this position.

Massimo will organize business-cards for the members of the EC containing the official address of the organisation, personal address, official website address, personal e-mail address and telephone numbers. Massimo will also ask Jon if it is possible for members of the EC to have a FICC e-mail address.

The FICC festival
Paolo informed the EC of the status of the FICC festival. Reggio was not interested in hosting this year’s festival, and it was therefore decided to move it to Pizzo. The festival has faced organisational problems this year, but the authorities in Pizzo is interested in continue hosting the festival, and problems concerning carrying out the festival will be solved in its continuity.
The EC agreed to support the festival with 5000 Euros.

New members
Film Societies from Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand and Mongolia wants membership in the FICC. Since these countries have no national federation, they will be acknowledged as associate members in the next GA. Associate means that they pay a smaller fee than formal members and have no voting right in the GA.
Massimo writes a letter to these societies where he informs that the EC is happy to receive their application, and that their membership will be approved in the next GA in 2005.
Juan Carlos will contact Peru, Uruguay and Chile and await an application to become members of FICC. Brazil was represented at this year’s festival and has been a member of FICC previously, but a new federation has been formed and will be taken up as members in the next GA.

The calculation system for the membership fees is out of date and must be revised at the next GA. This will be discussed further at the next EC meeting.

Next GA
Brazil and Argentina wants to host the next GA in 2005, but only Argentina is currently a member. Bangladesh is also willing to take on the task of hosting the next GA.
This will not necessarily pose a problem for Brazil since they are a coming member, and it is important for the FICC to show that it is not a Eurocentric organisation. A GA outside Europe will act favourably in that sense.

Next EC meeting
The EC is already halfway in its period, and in order to execute the decisions made by the GA that elected the EC, it is crucial to have a meeting in the nearest future. The previous EC was organized in such a way that it is necessary for the current EC to redefine its tasks.
It was agreed that another meeting is to take place in late September in a central European city. Travel expenses will be covered by the members, but Biplob, Juan Carlos and Raivo will receive economical support from FICC.
Every member of the EC must prepare points and ideas for a discussion that defines the roles of the EC and FICC. The EC will afterwards make a budget based on this discussion.
Massimo is responsible to find a suitable date and place for this meeting.

For the Executive Committee of the FICC, Atle Hunnes Isaksen, Sunderland 04.06.2004.